Friday, November 22, 2013


I can't wait until Christmas. It's my favourite time of year apart from Easter and my birthday. Last Christmas Me and Tess got a trampoline.Santa air landed on it. This year I want to get a new spa. I think everyone in my family wants a new one. I also want quit a lot of pig stuff. Two more are a Furby and another smiggle gift card. I also want rolly sunblock which might sound weird but I like it and it's also good for summer and Christmas is in sun. I would like a pair of Heelys.
By Ruth


  1. Hi Ruth
    Sounds like you want a lot for Christmas! I can't wait either. We are going away to a holiday Bach. Hope your summer is fun.

  2. Hi Ruth. Your christmas sounds like it will be fun! We know we will have a great christmas too! From Room 17


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