Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas at my house.

Today I am very happy because when I get home I am going to make some Christmas  decorations
and Ruth is going to get help from her sister and she will make a advent calander for her dad to fill. Ruth will also get a chocolate advent calendar. On the day of Christmas she will go to her sisters room and she will open one of her presents and show her present to her Mum and Dad. Then she will open all of her presents in the stocking . She is going to Patawa so she will get lots of presents on Christmas Day. Today I am very excited because after school me ,my Mum and sister are going to make a Christmas Tree. We're going to Plant Barn to get long pieces of wood. Then we will try to find strong string to tie the wood together. Then we will put Christmasy things on it. 

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