Friday, December 6, 2013

Octagonal prisms

Hello fellow people,
Me and Ruby were walking along and finally we found what we were looking for,an Octagonal prism! It looked a bit like a bolt with no screw. Do you know what an octagonal prism is? Well I can tell you that the one we found had 16 sides! They are also 3-dimensional that means they are solid. They are  in a group called polygons (po-le-gon). We found this on the flying fox  platform. By Ruby and Noah.

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  1. Nice shape spot! I've gott some questions though - was it a hollow octagonal prism, if it had 16 side, like if you folded a piece of paper into eighths with all the folds going in the same direction?
    An octagonal prism has octagon faces(I use that word if I'm talking maths because it means top and bottom as well as 'sides') at the top and bottom and eight rectangular faces - so that's ...2+ 8 ... 10 faces. Unless we're talking edges ...


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