Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What can we See out of Room 2's window?

I looked out of the window of Room 2 and I saw...

A BIG fat kereru eating BIG fat juicy red berry. I bet one day it will explode and red juice will go everywhere  by Francis

I saw BIG birds and BIG berries. I saw little birds and little berries.
By Lily.

I saw a tui fly really fast it was cool by Jake.    

I saw a sparrow in the sky  and it was flying really fast like the Flash. by Loma.  
 I looked at some clouds out the window at the back of the school and I saw a nice blue sky and some trees in the front. It looks amazing.by Ruby 

I looked out the window and we saw a kereru. By Ava and Vance                                                           

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