Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Acrylic birds

These New Zealand native birds are some of the most rarest birds in Auckland, that is why I chose them.Birds are a common animal to our world. I love them and that's why I spent two days doing them. By Jojo


  1. Wow Jojo, your hard work really paid off - what stunning paintings! Well done!

    Frith (Eloise's mum)

  2. I love those paintings and yes those are very special birds. The tuis are flying around and making a lot of noise in our trees right now!
    Love, Granny Margie

  3. Hi Jojo -
    I just love these and I'm so lucky to have the real ones keeping an eye on me in the kitchen, and to remind me of the gorgeous artist. Not that i need reminding.
    Lovely blog story too!
    Seeya soon -
    Love Mum XXX

  4. Wow Jo-jo you are a true artiste! They are beautifully done. I will show Lucy and Sylvie on the weekend and am sure they will be very much in awe. Good on you. xxx Philly

  5. jojo your bird paintings are incredible. from Lisa (frankies mum)


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