Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Delecious Anzac biscuits by Zoe

Yesterday we made Anzac biscuits in class. They were very delicious. 

We had some parent helpers to help us. 

First we had to pour 1/2 a cup plain flour into a  bowl. Next we added oats to the bowl with the the flour. Then we all got turns to mix.  

When a group of us was doing that, another group was melting the butter and filling a jug with hot water. Once the group heating the butter had finished, they poured some golden syrup into the melted butter.    

After they had done that, Lucy poured 1/4 of baking soda into a small bowl and added the hot water to it and mixed. Then a parent helper poured the melted butter into the big bowl and we all mixed together.  After we mixed the big bowl we put the the little bowls mixture into the big bowl. Then Cassius mixed it all together.

Finally we took big chunks of the mixture and rolled it, then placed it on a tray and then a parent helper put them in a oven and let them cook.   

After they had cooked, they smelled scrumptious!
By Zoe

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