Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horse Riding Camp

In the holidays me and Olive are going horse back riding together. We are doing a pony day and it will be really fun. At a pony day you plait and decorate your pony.You also do a couple of riding lessons through out the day. Me and Olive will have so much fun. I think I will ride Wings because I love her to infinity and back again. I think Olive will be riding Casper. The last time I went horse back riding there I rode with two other girls called Eliza and Chloe. Chloe was riding Casper and Eliza was riding Cheyenne.We did a three hour lesson. It was really fun. At the riding school when you do well you get a ribbon. It is cool. Right now I have three ribbons.This is Olives first horseback riding lesson.We are both super duper excited and can hardly wait to go horseback riding.Wings is a skewbald in her twenties but she acts like she is four. Cheyenne is a bay with no markings. Casper is a piebald in his twenties but acts like he is nine. I hope that on the way there or on the way back we get to stop at saddlery warehouse for a look.It is really cool there. I really like it there. the end.

By Lily

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