Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Amazing Maori Performance

       Amazing Maori Performance!!

Today the whole School saw a Maori performance and it was BRILLIANT!!! First the actors told the story of the Earth (Papa or Papatuanuku) and the Sky (Rangi) being pushed apart by their children, the Maori Gods, Tangaroa, Tumatauenga, Tawhirimatea, 
Tane-Mahuta, Rongo, Ruaumoko and Haumia-tiketike. The second part was about the maori people sailing from Hawiki-nui to Aotearoa. The third part was about the Maori People learning how to Hunt and cook food on their own for themselvs. The last part was about the celebrations had and the games that they played while the celebration was on. The hand games they played included Te-Rakau and Paper-Scissors-Rock. My favorite culture is Maori so I really enjoyed this and if you ever see a Maori perfomance I hope you enjoy it too!

By Pace

Te Ropu Haka Tapere

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  1. Hi Pace,
    I really enjoyed reading about the performance and how you explained all the things that happened. Glad you enjoyed the show.


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