Friday, July 29, 2016

Billy's started School!

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This is My little brother Billy. He started school five days ago and he is in room 8. He is a year 0 and he is little. He shares his class with room 7. I love my little brother and I hope he has a great time at school. By Sofia


  1. Talofa Sofia and welcome to your little brother Billy. I hope he has a great start to the year and am sure he will make lots of friends. He is the first room 8 student and he get's to share his new teacher, Grace, all to him self...very lucky!!
    Good photo and keep up the sharing on your class blog. Well done Sofia.

  2. Billy is so cute!!! I hope he has a great time at school.From charlie

  3. That is such a lovely story Sofia, welcome to Grey Lynn School Billy, you have an awesome big sister to look after you if you ever need it....x Penny


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