Monday, July 25, 2016

Luna's holiday at my house.

On Monday last week me my mum and my brother dog sat a dog called Luna. Here are a words I thought about Luna: sweet and playful. Luna is very playful because she likes to play fetch and go for walks up the mountain and to the park. Luna is a sweet dog because she doesn't bark at you unless she is hungry. Luna is about three years old. Luna was a bit sad the first time her mum left. Samara [my mum] and George [my brother] and me Ruby we all took luna up the mountain for the first time she was like, OH MY GOSH! I don't want to leave this place but when she pooped we left on the way back up we found some poke stops from the game pokemon go.      By Ruby

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  1. Talofa Ruby, good sharing on your holidays. The drawing of Luna is fab and I love the way you drew here eyes...very cute! ps Is that your hand holding her?


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