Wednesday, August 3, 2016


In Minecraft me and my step brother Kyle are building a base/castle.Kyle and I have got war horses that we use in battle.We found a village on the world not long ago so we made a big pathway to the village.The base/castle in enormous. Tonight when we get home we will build a shelter. We have started the shelter but we have only done the barrier so we have some cover. We have knight armour and I dyed it the colour of knight armour. We only have iron swords but we do have bow and arrows. 

I can tell you how to dye armour but it only works with leather armour so:  get a cauldron, some leather armour, any coloured dye and some water. Now lets get started. Put the water in the cauldron and then put the dye in the cauldron with the water. Then get your leather armour and then dab it in the dye and water then do it with the rest of your armour. There... you have done it. By Torin

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