Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Chase from Darth Vader Chapter 3

So on previously on The Chase from Darth Vader Princess Lila, Rose, Charlie and Kate were on there way to Kiation to meet King Louie. They needed to tell him about Darth Vader coming to take their power...

'' Ok miss know it all Kate. When are we going to get there?'' asked Rose '' In about two years.'' said Kate.

Two years later...

'' We're here everyone'' said Kate with a big smile on her face. '' We're finally here'' There was a big celebration for their arrival. '' So I hear there is a big problem''. said King Louie '' Yes'' said Kate ''You know who wants our power'' ''Then lock all the doors and windows so he can't get in. You're in big trouble''... TBC    
By Zoe

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