Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The chase from Darth Vader chapter4

 Previously on The chase from Darth Vader '' Lock all the windows and doors so he can't get in.You're all in big trouble!''  

''King Louie what happens if Darth Vader gets our power'' asked Rose ''He will rule the GALAXY'' King Louie said in quiet voice ''So I can't let any one see you. All of you should go to bed now, you've all had a big trip,'' said King Louie. ''Burtram, my butler, will escort you to your room. Good night.''

Quickly Burtram lead them to a dark and spooky room. ''Umm, are you sure this is our room?'' asked Princess Lila, a little disgusted. ''Yes I'm sure... TBC By Zoe

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