Friday, August 5, 2016

The Evil Squirrel!! Chapter One

Once there was a squirrel and this particular squirrel had a squirrel army! And he was out of nuts and he wanted revenge on the human who was so mean to him! First he ordered his "squirrel squad" to get more nuts. Then he sat in his squirrel hole and began plotting and planning against the human race! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! Meanwhile on Rubbish bin Rd, a human being named Norbert was sitting in his favourite rocking chair drinking champagne and eating cookies (even though It was ten in the morning) and thinking of another way to annoy the squirrel who lives in his tree that lives in his backyard! This time he thought he would throw rotten tomatoes at him and his "Squirrel squad"! Stay in touch for Chapter two!

By Pace

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  1. What an exciting story! I'm looking forward to reading chapter 2.


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