Sunday, November 6, 2016


Today after school it is going to be Halloween. I'm going to dress up as a zombie and me and my brother and sister have already started to
decorate are house with Halloween decorating things. My sister and brother are both going to dress up as a monster but I'm not sure if they are going to trick or treat because I'm going to trick treat. I think I that I could get over fifty lollies in my bag of a pumpkin shape. I cant wait till I go trick or treating. If my brother and sister do actually come trick or treating I might go trick or treating with Rhys and Luca and lots of other people. My mum said I could only have some of my lollies after Halloween because she doesn't want me to get sick and saying I want to have more lollies please and my mum would say no and I  would start to get angry and get told off . If I talk back and that would be really naughty. Last Halloween I went to Luca's and Rhys's and we got to watch lot's of TV but we actually got to play age of war the others watch the TV when I played it. By Ben  

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