Sunday, November 6, 2016

The big bang

Two thousand years ago there was a big kaboom and it blew up all of the planets and then after that the planet turned into the size of a dot. Then fifty years later there were to forty five year old men went into a rocket and flew up into space and the space men were like what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are all  the planets? "I don't know," said one of the spacemen.  "Oh yeah, the big bang that took every planet to a size of a dot. Then the spacemen came down to the real world.

By Ben

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  1. Talofa Ben,
    I think its very cool how you started your story....almost like the real theory but with your spin. Those poor men going into space and not seeing any planets...lucky the men come back down to the real world...BUT THEN WHAT BEN - WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM IN THE REAL WORLD. Keep writing and thanks for sharing. Manuia le po


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