Sunday, November 6, 2016

Walking Water!

My writing group the Cheetahs did an experiment and we started off with 3 cups, some paper towels. One of the cups was filled with yellow dye and one with blue and the last one was empty. We had some time to hypothesize. I guessed that the water would float and the dye would sink. We put one of the paper towels from the blue to the empty and one from the yellow to the empty the blue and the yellow started to walk up the paper. 

1 hour later. 

The blue has made it now there is some blue dye in the middle cup. We take a closer look and we noticed that the blue is taking over the yellow. We have been cheeking the experiment and it has been  getting more and more liquid in it. By Enzo.


  1. Talofa Enzo,
    So what did you notice and why do you think the colours moved? I did see the set up in your room and loved watching your group observing and hypothesising about what was happening. Good picture of your set up and a good write up on the process: Great sharing and let me know what your thoughts on WHY in your experiments. Malo le galu

  2. Hi Enzo, that looks like a really fun experiment! When I was your age, I did a similar experiment. I got a white flower and split the stem. Then I put each of the split stems into different coloured dye. The stem sucked the dye up and the flower slowly changed colour. It became half red and half blue. It was very cool. Great writing and great science!


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