Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A penguins life cycle

Hello my name is Poppy and I wanted to share with you a penguins life cycle.
In January to March the adults fee. The things that they eat is salmon, sardines and other fish. In April they march as loud an elephant to rookery 60 to 100 miles in two hours. In may they do mating. Mating means that they make babies. In June and July they put their eggs between their skinny and cozy little legs. In August the baby chicks hatch. Crack! crack! The baby chicks hatch. In September to October they feed their chicks. In November they feed there chicks. Lastly the males go away. I love penguins!  
By Poppy



  1. I enjoyed reading about the Penguins . Great information Poppy.
    From Toni


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