Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Problem Solving in Room 10

Today we tried to solve one of the world's biggest problems!

Do you know what it is?


Something was up in Room 10. Some people were happy, some people were sad and some people had no idea what was going on...but Andrea knew, but she didn't tell us. She said we were going to have to figure it out and she would give us some inferring hints if needed. We were going to be detectives into human behaviour! 

We got into triads and talked with each other about the question. All of our answers are on the padlet. 
Made with Padlet

We eventually got to the problem in the world and especially Room 10. 

People were trading things in class in order for people to like them. 

Andrea said she could just make a rule - NO TRADING - which she kind of did, but that we also need to know OUR WORTH first. Our worth does not come from people wanting our stuff... our worth comes from what's inside each of us.  We have ore to offer each other and it cannot be found in any shop! 

Now we are all writing stories about...What can I offer? 
Torin said he can offer friendship and Ava said she can include people at morning tea and lunch. Amelia said she has kindness to offer. 

What do you have to offer? (P.S. It's not a smiggle rubber...)

Write what you have to offer in the comments below and together we can make the world (and Grey Lynn School) a better and happier place.

Love Room 10


  1. What a great thing to do room 10
    One of the best things I can offer my family and friends is an ear to listen and vice versa. I am still friends with many people I went to school with so friendships start young and are very special.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Room 10. You're such self aware young humans, quite inspiring!

  3. Wow so proud of you all - what a great way to bond together as a team to solve a problem and understand that we are all unique and have so much to offer as individuals. Torin friendship is a wonderful thing to offer - you are a great friend.

  4. Wow, you guys make my heart sing! Isn't it great to learn that friendship has no boundaries. Well done and pay it forward Room 10.

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