Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Anthony's Weekend

On the weekend I went on the computer and I played games. The games were Roblox, fortnight but we had to go to the tuckshop. We had lots and lots of people ordering chips, lollies and hotdogs. After we went to Genjis Khan. CJ was there for his Grandma's retirement. We went because we had to go for my mums weight losing challenge.The stuff was for free but you had to pay for the family. There was sushi, broccoli, chips, ice cream, pancakes and other stuff. The next day I went on the computer and we went to Pasa. Denzel was chasing me on a bike with a bat. We played softball and I only got one home run. We got Mc Donalds and I got a frozen coke. My sister got a choctop.
By Anthony

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  1. Talofa Anthony
    Love the picture...Yummy!! All the boys in my family play FORTNITE becasue they get to build and destroy environments combined with hard out combat. The last one standing wins. So lost of yelling in my house in the weekend - You are a good friend and I enjoy reading your food trips hehehe. Good sharing keep it up!


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