Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Self Directed Learning

Today Room 10 went on an Anzac web quest. On Monday we talked in groups and recorded what we already knew about Anzac day.

Then we shared our facts. 

We talked about how can we learn more about Anzac Day but make it all about what we want to learn and Andrea said we should go home and think about the W from KWL. 

Once we had our W, Andrea said we could work in pairs or on our own and decide how to share our learning. 

Today was great. We were in charge of our learning and we chose how to present our learning. We also shared our learning with the class and got valuable feedback and feedforward. 

Please take a look at all our work or pop into Room 10 and see our posters on the walls. 

Andrea said Term 2 will be a lot more like today and when we voted who loved it, everyone had their hand up!

Room 10 

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  1. Talofa Room 10
    Well done on the work you produced this term. Great to see everyoe taking charge of their learning and chosing how to present their work. Keep up the good work and am looking forward to the visible learning in Room 10.
    Malo le to'aga


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