Monday, August 3, 2009

My Eskimo Doll from Alaska

When my Nana and Poppy went to Alaska they brought me back an Eskimo doll. I named my doll Anouk. My mum said it was a real Eskimo name. My Nana and Poppy went in May 2007 and they went to Skagway. Before she went I asked if she could get me a doll. Eskimos live in countries like Canada, Antarctica and Alaska.



  1. You are lucky to have such a unique doll, does Anouk mean anything in English? I think it would be fascinating to visit a place where Eskimos live and compare their lifestyle with ours, maybe one day....

  2. It must be unique to have a eskimo doll!
    Do you like it?
    Kerry is right. It would be funny to meet a eskimo who didn't know what a Tiger was!

    Raiden and Matthew

  3. Hi Ariana,
    That eskimo sounds cool. What does she look like? Where is Skagway? I think you should improve on writing in order because your story is a bit muddled up! How old is Anouk? According to what I've read, Anouk sounds lovely!
    From Maia in Room 10.


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