Thursday, July 1, 2010


Once my sister saw a little cat on our fence.Then she said hear "pussy pussy pussy" and it didn't work. FInally it jumped down. She called us to come and look and we started patting it. We decided to call it Syd. Now it is our pet cat.

By Olivia


  1. Morning Olivia, love the cat and her cubby body!Am not a fan of cats but I do think they are cute when the are just kitten size. Good luck with your new cat. ps am loving the graphics your class are sharing. From Otalani

  2. Awesome work Olivia it reminds me of my cat.Super work I love the background and I love how your the way you named it Syd. From Floyd and Harry in rmm16

  3. Hi Olivia,
    Me and Julz really liked your writing and picture,
    it was really good. From the kids in room 16

  4. wow Olivia, that picture looks just like Syd! Maybe you could put some sound effects like when she meows for dinner.


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