Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 90s

We have been learning about the 100 years of Grey Lynn School. Our decade was the 1990s. The students had to choose one things they learned from the 90s and use their thinking hats to showcase their learning. They got to choose how to share their learning.

Mia chose to make a slideshow using Kid Pix, Garageband for the voice over and iMovie as the editing tool.

Enjoy Mia's show and keep checking back to see what others have learned.

Room 13 Teacher


  1. Wow Mia
    I really liked your slideshow. You had amazing drawings. I was in Auckland when we had that power cut it was very frustrating.

    Well done.


  2. Wow Mia, I like how you set out the slideshow.
    And, how you said some describing words, And I think that you're slideshow is the best.

    From Floyd.


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