Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prize giving netball

On Thursday 21 September It was prize giving. Grey Lynn 4 is Our team. We came2nd.We got a certificate and a ribbon . We were there for a hour. There were shooting competition we did not win. We did not win but we had fun.

By Sophie


  1. Hi Sophie,
    Was the prize giving for netball?
    Congratulations on coming 2nd. Is your cetificate and ribbon in the classroom?
    If they aren't, who has them?
    Also, do you know who came 1st?

    From Raiden in Room 16.

  2. okiata@greylynn.schoo.nzSep 23, 2010, 10:24:00 AM

    Congratulation Sophie you look very pleased with your self and I must say the ribbon looks very cool. The graphic you created shows great improvement in your drawing ability. Well done and I loved watching the last game your team had a few weeks ago. Keep working hard and bring on the next tournament!!
    From Otalani

  3. HI Sophie That is great I liked your picture and your writing you must of tiried hard to get runner up. you would of felt very happy it would of felt very long

    From Emma.

  4. Congratulations Sophie on coming second did you enjoy the netball season
    I did. You look very happy with yourself,keep it up!

    From Lola in room 16

  5. I loved the graphics Sophie - it was great being the Manager and Umpire for Grey Lynn 4 - the whole team played really well together and improved a lot over the season - you all deserved your certificate and ribbon.
    I'm looking forward to the Summer Season netball, and to next year - watch out North Harbour Netball!


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