Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My weekend on Sunday

On Sunday I went to my friends place Millie. First we played a game on the computers we went on fr iv . Fr iv is a game with lots of games like you can build roller coaster or you can have fitting games.After that we went into Millie's back yard and got the scooters out and asked Millie's dad if we could go down to the dairy he said yes and we went down there and got heaps of lollies like an ice-cream+a bag of gum and a coke.After that we felt really sick so we thought if we eat more lollies it would make us feel more better but it didn't awhile later I went home and watched TV but never told how much lollies I had.

BY Caitlin

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  1. Hello Room 13

    I have been reading some of your stories on your blog. Your stories are really interesting and I like the variety (all are original). I also like your graphics which are eye-catching and colourful. Well done. Keep up the great work!

    Mrs Lagitupu
    Pt England School


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