Monday, September 13, 2010

Paige's 1st birthday

On Saturday me and my dad went to my little second cousin birthday. When we got there Paige was asleep and I only knew a tiny amount of people that I knew so a girl named Alex showed me around .After that we had something to eat. Then we played a game -it was pas the parcel. A girl named Jay won the prize.Next most of the little girls attacked Alex there was only three 8 and 9 year old so the two of us tried to get Alex out from under the little kids.After that Paige wok up so we played the next game it was pin the nose on the clown I was so close to winning but instead I came second. After that Alex had to hide in her room because all of the others were chasing her. When the party was over I said bye to Paige and went home. By Emily.

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