Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Sunday me and my family went to Westwave for my brother's birthday !

On Sunday me and my family went to west wave for my brother's birthday . My favourite part of the west wave was the the dark slide and the diving . After that we had kfc for dinner because there was a kfc shop just across the road and there was a place with fish an chips but when we saw how much it was, it was too much money so we had KFC instead. by Willie


  1. Hi Willie,
    you are very lucky to go to west wave
    and even more luck to have KFC for dinner!
    But I guess it was your brothers birthday.
    Keep blogging.

    Emma in Room 16
    p.s I love the graphics.

  2. Hi Willie
    Did your Brother enjoy his birthday. Your picture goes well with your writing. Was the KFC nice.
    From Floyd.


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