Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The tornado

On Friday the 17Th my brothers friend came around and I went on the computer then it started pouring down with rain and the wind was really strong so I went to my mum and talked to her for a while then I looked outside and I asked my mum where the trampoline was. She said it should be there and she came and looked and then she saw it on the 7 foot fence. Then I went to get Jonathan my brother and his friends. Then we all started laughing because it landed on the neighbors garage. So in the weekend my dad said he would get it down but he didn't so now our trampoline is still sitting on my neighbours garage.

by Isla

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  1. Hi Isla
    It sounds really funny that the trampoline was blowen so far, a trampoline is really heavy so the wind must have been awfully strong. I would have thought it was funny to if that happened to my trampoline
    I love the graphics .
    From Matthew


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