Friday, October 22, 2010

In our beat

On the 20 Th and 21st the Grey Lynn School Choir went to In The Beat for the first time. I think I was going to be the only one to do it right in the whole group! There were dancers and bands. I like the Richmond Road song. Other songs were Jai ho, Bad, Beat it ,Te Kai Tito, Nature, Sweet Barefooted Dreamers, Fa afetai i la atua, and Choo choo ch boogie. I had a good time and I will definitely do it again in two years!

 By Max


  1. Hi There Max
    I really enjoyed reading about your In The Beat experience. It sounded like so much fun. The feedback I had from all the people that went there was that it was amazing. Well done. I will have to go when the next one is on.


  2. I went to the in our beat festival too because I was also part of the choir and I also liked it. I especially liked marist's peformance. Can't wait for the next festival'


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