Friday, October 22, 2010

In Our Beat

On the 20th and 21st of October 2010 lots of different schools came to Auckland Girls Grammar for the In Our Beat festival.I went there to be part of the choir.There were not just choirs there were dancers, bands, a rock band, Ukelele and recorders.In the choir we sang Ma te mahi ka ora, Choo Choo Ch Boogie,Fa' afetai, Sweet Barefooted Dreamers, Nature, Beat it, Bad and Jai ho.My favourite song was Nature because it's about nature and I like nature! I thought everyone had a go and did there best!
By Amy


  1. Hi This is julius from room16.

    Did you have fun at the"In our beat festival" well very lucky because you
    and the choir missed a whole day of school.By the way i really like your
    picture.Did you sing by your self cause in the picture there is only one person there.
    Question Did you go with the band cause Harry from my class he went too

  2. Hi Amy
    This is Faye from rm11
    I think that your writing of In our Beat Festival really described it well. And I know because I was there!!!
    I also really love the picture.
    From Faye

  3. Hi Amy,
    The in our beat festival was awesome!
    I went with the band and saw all the songs sung by the big choir.(the choir made up by different schools)Overall i thought it was really fun and great to watch(I also like your picture!)
    From Zeb


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