Monday, November 8, 2010


A month ago it was the tenth day of the 10th month of the two thousandth and tenth year. Pretty big considering we will only see it once in our lifetime.

There were a lot of websites on how to commemorate the day and get inspiration. Andrea, our teacher, was inspired too. She had just been to course on how photographs can enhance visual language in the classroom.

It was the school holidays but Andrea emailed Frances, our Parent Net Mum and she sent out an email to all of the emails she had asking us to take a photo that symbolises childhood but the photo could not have a child in it.

HMMMMM..... we had some thinking to do and here are the results.

We put it into a Keynote and then published it using Quicktime. The pictures are ours and the music is " When I grow up" from Kiwi Kidsongs.

Enjoy !



  1. I really enjoyed the show - there were some great photographs, and lots of different things meaning childhood - well done Room 13

  2. Hi Room 13,

    I really enjoyed your movie. I thought the song really suited the theme and the pictures were really interesting. Great job,


  3. Hi room 13

    Nice photo's of childhood. It must of been hard taking a picture with no one in it! 13 rocks


  4. Congratulations Room 13! You've taken some fantastic photos of childhood. It's a great movie- Room 13 really rocks!



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