Friday, November 5, 2010


Every morning me and Max go on garageband and put on some funky music.Our favorite music is funk.There are 9 different songs.This one of my favourite apps ever .

 This is how to play:

.1 Choose a song  

.2 Choose your instruments on the screen.

.3 Then press the play button

And its that simple, now you know how to play how about you go on and make your own music.
By Jack


  1. Talofa Jack - I also love listening to music in the morning but I can not play it in my space cause I have heaps of people working around me (to bad for me). However Gargaeband is a very cool software to use and it's great to see that you and Max are having fun learning your way around it. When I am not busy doing my maths groups I will try and pop in and have a listen at your selections. Have a great day boys and room 13. Otalani

  2. hi jack i can tell that you like garage band cant wait to SEE you tomorrow.


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