Monday, November 15, 2010


Last Wednesday I had my first circus class. First did a game called "sly fox" what you do is 1 person stands about 3 to 5 metres away (from the others) and the person 3 to 5 metres away the others faces their back to the others.When the person faces their back everyone has to try and him or her.But when they turn around you have to stop.Its really fun.We also did other cool things like standing on adults shoulders!!! Circus is awesome.By Celia


  1. Talofa Celia, I have seen some of the action going on in your circus class. It looks like a whole lot of fun. Do you think your group may share at a school assembly. Great effort and keep up the good work. Otalani

  2. hi celia whats it like at ciurcus becase i like doing deabalo and whys there no piucter .

  3. Namaste Celia,

    it sounds like Circus is a really fun thing to learn abou and do. How many times a week do you enjoy doing circus and did anyone in your family learn cicus while you were a baby?


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