Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My trip around the world

In the holidays I went around the world for four weeks to learn more about other places all around the world. The first place I went was Hawaii.  Second place was Los Angeles [ we went to Disneyland and went on all the scary rides like the Haunted mansion but  the haunted rides are only there for Halloween ] Then we went to Holland. Then to Denmark and then to London and then to Austria [ my mum is half Austrian and my sister and I are quarter Austrian and my Dad knows some Austrian ] Then we went to Rome. Then after four days in Rome we came back to New Zealand.

By Phoenix


  1. Talofa Phoenix, firstly i love the very cute drawing of yourself. Great colours and cool detail and those lips have been drawn with a steady hand. Your trip sound amazing and the order gave me a feeling of wanting to go around the world. Good job and keep up the great work. Otalani

  2. What a lot of country's you went to Phoenix!
    Did you get scared of the haunted rides at Disneyland?


  3. Hi Phoenix,

    Wow thats a lot of contrys to go to.Were you tired when you got back?


  4. Wow Phoenix, it sounds like you had a really cool time. You are so lucky to be able to travel to all those places. I am so jealous. I am a Disney freak but I haven't quite got to Disneyland yet. Did you get lots of photos of you with the characters?

    Mrs R (Otorohanga Primary)


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