Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rowing world cup

Last term my mum got picked to go down to Lake Karapiro to help Rowing New Zealand by being the  nutritionist. The last time she went down for two weeks. I was the only boy till Emmy came. On Friday 12th October we went down to the lake and everyone wanted to see us. It got really hot and boring on the last day but we had a party.
By Max 


  1. Hi Max,

    I love your kid pix image of the rower!

    Do you know that I used to row three times at week on Lake Karapiro for my school!? It's really hard work and you need people like your mum to tell people what food to eat to give them energy.


  2. Hi Ruth
    Were you a single or double skull? Did you win any medals when you raced for NZ or your school ?

    from Max

  3. Hi Max,

    I raced in quad and an eight. I only ever rowed with one oar. Rowing with two oars in called sculling.

    I did won a medal at the North Island Championships and I was supposed to go to the National competition but I got chicken pox!

    From Ruth


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