Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sophie and Scarlet save the day

On Monday me and Scarlet saved two birds that Sippie (cat) nearly killed but me and Scarlet saved the birds. One had a big patch of blood by it's leg and the other bird was badly injured. Sippie put his tooth into the bird's brain and the feathers were dodgey. We locked Sippie in the bathroom and let the birds rest outside and then they flew away. I hope they are now ok.

By Sophie


  1. Hi Sophie,

    One of the hardest things about having a cat is when they kill birds (especially native birds like Tuis). Unfortunately it is part of their nature. Once my cat Freddie injured a rat and I found it recovering in my drawer with my socks! I got a big fright!

    I really like the way you imported your picture into Kidpix and drew the cats and birds on it!


  2. Lucky Rosie wasn't there otherwise she might have eaten the cat!


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