Monday, December 6, 2010

going to the zoo.

On Sunday me my brother Oscar my brothers best friend Tim my Mum and my Dad went to the zoo for my Dads Christmas work party. First we all went to the place were gonna meet at and strait after I dragged my mum to some of the habitats the first one we went to was the wallabies .In their inclosher their was three Emus we went through that fast and went to the birds cage at the end of the birds cage there was a Cockatoo the Cockatoo could say hello! it was amazing! Next we went and meet dad at the spider monkeys at one point one of the monkeys put its but up in the air as three others cheeked for flies. After that we went back to get some food all I got was a drink and two muffins after that we had Santa come and give us some presents after we saw the rest of the animals and went home.

By Emily

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  1. It was great fun at the zoo as we hadn't been there for a long time. There are lots of new enclosures and gardens. Mum.


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