Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writing:End of year review

1. My highlight in writing for this year was narratives because you got to choose what to write about and then you plan it in to 3 parts (orientation, series of events and conclusion)then you write and it's not to hard and not too easy.

2.My favourite genres were narratives and procedures . I liked narratives because they are easy and fun to do and I liked procedure because its all about instructions and I like that stuff.

3.My least favourite writing this year was definitely recounts. I just hated them because the were harder than I thought and when I wrote them it felt like it was took me 5 hours to write every time.

4.     P -Plus -most of the time it wasn't too hard and not too easy(its good to have a little challenge) and it was  fun (kind of)          
       M-Minus - the recounts felt long and hard (kind of)    
       I-Interesting - writing letters because I didn't know that people can write memories in cards (If they are writing a sorry card to someone with a family member dead)

5.I want to learn more about poems because I don't know, I just do.

By Matt

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