Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nana Jane's birthday Party

On Sunday I went to my Nana's birthday party and all my family was there. At the start we meet my
Aunty's model friend Kent. then we started to chat and eat nibbles. Then the whole smith family was
rushing threw the door thinking they were late. And after that everyone was there except for my Nana.
She came in the door walked up the stairs into the lounge and then 'SURPRISE' we jumped up and
popped the party poppers right in her face.Then she said 'I almost dropped the cake.' and then we had
some cake. Soon me and my sister took photos of everyone and everything at the party. We opened
presents after that. We got her a paper weight and an Australian pearl bracelet with an Eiffel tower on it.
Then everybody started to leave so we did that to.When we got home we went straight to bed.
 By Kate


  1. I love your description of the surprise. I can picture exactly what it was like from the way your describe it. I really like the quote you chose to use, it made me chuckle as I was reading. Abi

  2. i love this post. im hoping that someone will surprise me like that. :D


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