Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 8 GLS LIVE class reflection.

Week 8 GLS Live News reflection.
  • Some of our stories need to make more sense.
  • Talk a bit louder when recording so we can be heard.
  • Try and work faster so we can have more time to edit the writing better.
  • Good how we had jobs so we knew what to do. Now we work together.
  • Some groups ended up doing the same story.
  • Put our birds even further away so they don't chirp through our newscast.
  • iMovie Opinions: 
  • “ I think it was great because we told the story clearly.” Anetema
  • “Interesting that each person got to have a turn and it flipped really quick so it looked cool.” James
  • “ It was good but it needs more work on memorising the script and not look down.” Chelsea


  1. Talofa Room13 - what a great way to show us how you have being using the ipads. I love the news prsenters speaking confidently and the news that was reported was very interesting. Good job and am looking forward to the next news flash from GLS LIVE. Otalani

  2. Hello Room 13

    I like the way you are using the iPADS individually to produce a collaborative piece of work. That's really exciting, because working in a team means you can accomplish more. Well done room 13

    Mr Tumuaki


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