Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 9 Reflection - Whole Class

Week 9 GLS Live Reflection
What we thought of Week 9.
  • This week we made the stories make more sense through the writing.
  • Our stories were longer as well.
  • We all had different stories.
  • Groups worked better together as more people were helping.
  • Some groups still feel that some students are not contributing. (How are we going to fix that?)
imovie and Set
  • Some of our voices are still hard to hear. They need to be louder.
  • The background was better because we made it. 
  • Some bits of our news was funny because some of us are learning how to NOT read the other person’s lines.
  • Our kids pix drawing had lots of detail but some still need extra work.
Week 10 News Show Goals: 
  • Our goal is to have no stick people in Week10.
  • Look at the camera a bit more.
  • Non-contributing students to step up and help out!
  • Louder voices.

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