Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Futsal !

Today Nina and Lucy's dad, Craig and his friend Juliano came to teach us about Futsal.

Futsal is like indoor soccer except it is played with a low bounce ball. This helps you control the ball better and doesn't go bouncing off.

" Today was fun playing Futsal because we got to play a game and work together. " James

" It was sad because it rained and we had to stop early when we were having fun." Rebeka

" It was fun because it was on at morning tea." Aum

We all really enjoyed it and hope some of us can make a team to play in the Futsal League.

Juliano taught us that you say hello as, "Oi" in Portuguese ! He is from Brazil where they are really good at football.

Thanks Craig and Juliano for coming to visit us today.

Room 13

Untitled from Andrea FAle on Vimeo.


  1. Hi There Room 13
    Loved your movie about Futsal. It was great fun. You certainly looked like you enjoyed it. I liked reading your statements about Futsal.
    I wonder how many of you will play in a team at Unitech?


  2. Futsal looks like so much fun! I loved watching your video...looks like you guys were using teamwork! I'm impressed! :)

  3. I saw you all playing Futsal yesterday and wondered what it was!! It looks like great fun. Keep up the fantastic blogging!

  4. Hello Rm 13
    I was shocked when I watched the video.
    I was really impressed with how you used team work.
    you really persuaded me to play Footsal.
    keep it up.

  5. hey room 13 that looks really cool and that music was cool


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