Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 Word Holiday Stories

Andrea challenged us to write a 7 word story about our holidays. This made us really think carefully about our word choices and to really think about what we want to say.

Here are some of our 7 word stories.

In the store I got a bike.    By Syris

Me and my family went to church. By Oceania.
 Ice skating with Nina was very fun.  By Isobel

I did an awesome ice skating show.  By Josie

I did not like going to Mangawhai. By Kate

In  the  holidays  I  went  Ice  skating. By  Nina

Great work Room 13


  1. What a cool idea for a holiday story! Looks like you guys were up to her challenge. I liked reading what you all did because it gives me ideas of what I can do in the next holidays! Mind you I'm not that flash ice skating so might have to leave that one.

  2. Hello room 13,
    it looks like you all were up to something fun during the holiday!
    Great to hear about them all!
    I do not think I am very good at challenges like this one!
    Keep posting,
    from Emma

  3. Hi Room 12,

    I also enjoyed reading your holiday stories. I'm like Kerry and not that co-ordinated at ice skating so Josie you are lucky you didn't see me at the rink because I probably would knocked you over!

    Here is my holiday recount in seven words:

    I relaxed and read at the beach.

    By Ruth

  4. Talofa Room 13. Sounds like everyone in your class had a lot of fun in the holidays. Good sentences and interesting to read as well.
    Here is my 7 word story about my holiday....

    In the holidays I went to sleep.

    Hahaha...that was fun.
    I will try it with my class!
    ps I didn't really just go to sleep all holidays!

    Otalani and Room 3


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