Sunday, May 1, 2011

How does and earthquake in Japan relate to our learning?

This year we are hooking all or learning onto our Relationship Statements.
They are:

Relationships can be positive and negative
Relationships can change
Every relationship has a purpose
Relationships involve more than one 
Relationships can be powerful
Relationships can be influenced

Here is our slideshow showing our interpretation of the earthquake in Japan and the relationship statement that fits. 

Untitled from Andrea FAle on Vimeo.


  1. kia ora,
    that was awesome pictures and cool ways for me th=o find out those facts and i cant wait to hear some more but Ar eyou using any of these statements.

  2. hello sorry about that comment it was supposed to say
    that was some awesome pictures and coolways for me to find out those facts and I can't wait to hear some more storys but are you using any of these statements

  3. I watched the video of the earth quake. yous did a good slide show nice pictures too

  4. I liked your pictures they made me think that yous were panting hands they looked awsome.

  5. The pictures that you panited look like the picture in Japan. There were alot of relationship were broken up.

  6. wow you did a great slide show.You can put more sentence about what each picture mean.

  7. Hi room 13
    great slideshow it must have taken you a long time

  8. Ki ora room13

    wow!! it was an awesome slide show guys it really shows the effects of earthquakes and I like how much colour you used in your kid pix photos!


  9. Hi Room 13
    I liked how you used Kid pix to draw the pictures. What happened at Japan was really sad. When I watched it I remembered the people who died in the earthquake

    From Kyle Room 15

  10. Hi room 13 your pictures remind me about the earth quake and the people who died.I think most of the relationships got broken.

  11. Hi room 13 I like your pictures that you made me want to cry. Keep it up

  12. That was so sad poor japan.I would be super secard


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