Friday, May 27, 2011

Indoor Wet Days

These days are messy and hard on the students as they are stuck inside and haven't been able to have a run around in the fresh air; however,  Room 13 children turned it into a building and creating time.

Here is an iMovie we all made together to show our creations. 

Enjoy !

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.


  1. hi room13 I like your Imovie from wet day because I was in the imovie and I was doing the thumb trick that i showed most teachers
    From Gwyneth


  3. Hi room 13! I really enjoyed your video, i loved seeing your amazing buildings, and those sneaky tricks from Gwyneth and Ernie! Keep up all this great blogging! Missing you all :)

  4. Hi Room !3,

    I loved watching your iMovie about wet, rainy days. Your transitions were good and I like the way you inserted videos of you talking in the corner. Great ICT skills!

  5. Talofa Room 13,
    Who knew you could have that much fun inside while it rains? Love the idea for the movie. What next?? Keep up the good work and did anyone email Peter Jackson that he may be looking for a new job very soon??

  6. WOW! That was toally awsome i cant even do that when my class gets free time i want to do what you did with the blocks. Can you tell me what kind of blocks you got? Please. Thanks for that. Bye Room 13 i love your blog.

  7. i can make a hudge boat out of thows what ever you call them i would be abuil to make a boat in about 5 or 4 minutes.

  8. i love this movie or i movie


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