Friday, May 20, 2011

On your mark....get set....GO!

Today was cross country and the sun came out for once this week so we got to run in the warm sun.

We all walked to Grey Lynn Park and got ready for our races. It was exciting seeing all the different ages run. The Year 6's were so fit and competitive and the Year 1's were so tiny and cute - running with smiles on their faces and waving to everyone !

Room 13 had 23 awesome runners who all persevered until the end of the race. Andrea almost lost her voice cheering for us all.

Here are our certificate winners:

Today at cross country I was proud of my self because I came 2nd. It  was really fun and everyone was Zara.
Today I felt proud of my self because I came 3rd. ByRebeka

At cross country I had a really good time I came 2nd James came 1st and Luke came Flynn
At cross country I had a really good time. I was proud of my self because I came first! by James
At cross country I had a really good time. I came 3rd and it was the first time ever coming 3rd. by Luke

Cross country 2011 can be called a success ! Room 13 ran well and achieved their goals !


  1. Hi room 13,
    Cross country was a success for everyone.You all did very well and i know that i nealy lost my voice cheering everyone on.I know i achieved my goals and i bet you all did too.Well done!!
    Mary Jane room 11:)

  2. Hi Room13,

    I am so proud of all of you and the efforts you all gave. I am also proud that 5 people in our class placed. Well done everyone and let's remember our efforts and keep persevering in all our other curriculum areas this year !
    Your proud teacher, Andrea

  3. WELL DONE to all of you! Those lovely early morning runs must of payed off. Keep up all that hard work :)

  4. Wow.I wish that i was there.It would be fun.Did you get tired on that race?I always get tired when I run to much.

  5. Wow that must of been really fun did it go year 8 year 0?I think you need to write what year level came first

  6. We really liked your sentence Flynn.

    From Room 2

  7. oh you must be fast James, how long did you have to run was it far or short ay.

  8. Hi guys great work I am glad you tried your best Well done

  9. 2nd i came second to awesome

  10. Otto and David-rayJun 16, 2011, 8:39:00 AM

    Hi its otto and David-ray we really liked your blog about cross country and we liked the way you used adjectives.


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