Friday, June 17, 2011


Well. We  have had the week of our lives and have been busy making movies, keynotes, and posters to show our learning.

We had to focus on our relationship statements while participating in EOTC and see which statement went with what activity.

Here are the statements again in case you forgot:

Relationships can be positive and negative.
Relationships can be influenced.
Relationships can change.
Relationships involve more than one.
Every relationship has a purpose.
Relationships can be powerful.

Here is Uycess movie about EOTC week. She did this on her own and is her 1st  iMovie.

Untitled from Room13 GLS on Vimeo.


  1. Hi ulycess
    I like your movie and your music .I like your movie and it look relly relly relly good and i hope you get lost of comment from people.
    Form Oceania.

  2. Hi Ulycess,
    I like your slide show and and your music sounds really cool.Was it fun near the waterfall?
    From Anetema

  3. Hi Ulycess i i love your imovie that was great i like how you decorated your movie i really enjoyed watching your imovie i want to do one like you by my self i really like your music By kayleen


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