Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flash Mobs - The GLS students take over !

We have heard and seen all these flash mob hakas around New Zealand. What a cool idea!  

Friday the 9th September was the opening of the rugby world cup. We have been learning about the RWC in our class and sharing our learning via our news show and stories. 

On Friday, our teacher said we were going get our photo taken by the new Manu Samoa sign. When we got to the road we noticed the whole school there and then we heard the call...we started singing and performing a haka - our own flash mob haka! Traffic stopped and people were recording us on the phone cameras. Cars were honking. It was so cool and fun. We hope you like the movie about our flash mob haka!

Room 13


  1. Hi guys,
    I was almost in taupo when you did that. Sorry I couldn't be there that day! But watching that made me feel like one of the cars stoping to watch or tooting as I past. Anyway I hope you guys had fun whilst I was away,and if you didn't at least I had fun on my trip J.J { Just Joking }.

    love from kate

  2. hi room 13, we love the flash mob movie!
    I think it is very funny!
    we love your G.L.S produtions.
    We can't wait to see your next one


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