Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flynn's Amazing Fractions

I am learning to write a number problem using fractions.
I got the problem 1/4 of 860.

In swimming lessons there are 860 people. The manager wants to split them up in four groups how many people are in each group?
How I got the answer.
There were two ways:
1.  I divided it by 4. 

2. I halved 860 and that equalled 430 then I halved 430 and it equalled 215.
So 1/4 of 860 is 215.
How I checked it was correct?
I multiplied 2x215 but I also multiplied 430x2 which gave me the answer 860.
By Flynn


  1. Hi Flynn,

    Using the strategy of halving is a great way to solve that problem. Well done! Perhaps you could teach Stella to do that too!

    From Kate and Room 2

  2. Oh my Flynn that is some amazing fractions keep it up WOW!


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